We are living in an era where so many people are depending on technology. Also, this coronavirus pandemic is transforming people’s needs and behavior and putting the focus on the eCommerce industry.

The demand for online grocery and vegetables has already grown from its small base. People started buying grocery and food supplies online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of stores moved online to cater to the current demand. The majority of people are preferring to purchase the goods online with a few finger clicks.

“According to a study by Nielsen, 70% of the consumers will shop groceries online by 2024.”

If you are a local grocery or vegetable seller and looking forward to moving your business online then this blog is for you. Here we have listed the reasons which will help you to dive into starting the online grocery and food supplies selling business.

#Retail Opportunities

The retail market in India is in the major transformation and the eCommerce market is also growing rapidly. As the demand for online purchases is increasing retailers have the opportunity to sell products online.

Most of the manufacturing companies prefer to sell online with DTC. As shown in the below graph eCommerce share of retail sales is increasing. Entering 2020, analysts estimate 65% of retailers will offer same-day delivery, and it’s becoming the norm. Retail is not death but reborn through online selling.

#Look at the Demands

Due to this coronavirus pandemic, busy schedules, and lack of timing issues, no one wants to prefer to go to the market to purchase vegetables and groceries. So, the demand for grocery and vegetable eCommerce stores has increased.

In India, there are many startups coming in the market as the demand for grocery eCommerce increases like the US. If you look at the search queries about the keywords related to online grocery and vegetable stores, it increases by the time. Here mentioned keyword search results are for India in March-2020.

#Executable Business Model

Understanding the right product demand and implementing the right revenue model will bring a profitable online business. Basically there are two aspects that you need to set up first for starting online grocery or vegetable stores.

  •  A). Connect and deal with local grocery and vegetable sellers. 
  •  B). Make a strong delivery network to reach orders to customers on time.

In the below image you can see the flow of the online grocery business model. Once your store gets a good amount of traffic then you can apply secondary income options like an onsite promotion for merchants, hosting banner ads, publishing sponsor content, etc.

You can take commissions on products and allow multiple sellers to sell on your online store. Revenue of your business model depends on many factors like target market, business size, your budget, the popularity of your business, etc.

#Latest Technology

Technology plays the most vital part because through which you will operate your business. Technology provides many smart functionalities which will reduce your time, energy, and workforce. We are living on the edge where technology reaches your business across the globe. In traditional business, you need to manage most of the things manually but in eCommerce most of the things are done automatically.

There are plenty of on-demand softwares available for eCommerce business nowadays. Technology will manage your orders, inventory, customers, and many more. When you start an eCommerce business one main thing is selecting the proper technology with proper features as per your business requirements. If you stuck anywhere, reach out to us, we offer you the best eCommerce development technology as per your business.

#Plenty of Marketing Ways

If you are going with the online store over the traditional local store then the online world will provide you plenty of options to market your business. You can run specific area targeted marketing campaigns to market your online store. You can reach where the people are to market your business online.

You can run Google ads campaigns, social media campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, etc to market your store online. Through SEO you can optimize the ranking of your website in search engines. So, this way you can strategize your marketing campaign and marketing channels to get the best ROI.

Wrapping Up:

Groceries and Vegetables are the basic need of people. And as per the current situation in the world, demand for online grocery and vegetables are increasing. So, the online grocery business perfectly fits in the current dynamic. You can contact us if you are looking to start an online grocery or online vegetable store. You can check one of the client’s online vegetable stores here. We hope that the above points will help you and encourage you to dive into online grocery and online vegetable business.