Having your own website becomes easier and one of the needed things for your business. Making your own website is not that difficult as before due to the latest content management system(CMS) like Magento, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Making an online presence becomes fast, you do not spend months in development. But with all that, website security is a very important thing. In the current world, cyber-attacks are increasing day by day so website security is important to concern.

“43% of cyber attacks target small business”

There are ways though that you can protect your site suffering from website attacks. No matter what size of business you have, it’s important that you consider all the ways to secure your website.

What is Website Security?

Website security means protecting your website from cyber threats. Basically It is protecting data of your website from cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity means protecting your website through protocols. There are many factors for web security and each web app has a different checkpoint for data protection. There are a variety of security standards.

Explore the below mentioned simple tips to secure your website and save it from cyber-attacks. 

#1. Keep All Softwares Updated

Whether your site is developed by other agencies or by your developer, make sure that each software used on the website is up to date. All the modules and functionality should be with the latest versions. Hacking should happen through older versions of the software. Outdated software often increases the chance of cyberattacks. So, make sure you use all updated versions of tools and Softwares to secure your website.

#2. Implement Strong Passwords

Always make sure that you change default passwords and make it strong because such passwords are generally known by cyber hackers. For security, change your username and password every 90 days. If you keep the same password for a long time then there are higher chances for hacking. Combine your password with the alphabet and numeric, lower case, and upper case to make a strong password. If your system allows symbols then use a symbol in that password.

#3. Backup your Data

Regular backup of your data is the best way to protect your data. When you have a backup of your important data and file, then you can easily recover your data if a cyberattack occurred. Nowadays most hosting providers allow the website owner to configure c panel and take backup. Sometimes, data backup in hard drives can fail, so you need a solid system for data backup. There are many content management systems that have an extension that will take backup automatically. You can use that kind of CMS for data backup.

#4. Use SSL and HTTPS

HTTPS is the secured version of the HTTP which is used for secure communication over the visitor and your browser. In HTTPS communication between your browser and website is encrypted. SSL certificate is needed to establish a secure connection between browser and server. SSL provides security to sensitive information like credit card numbers or login credentials at the time of transmission. Also, see the difference of the SSL certificate of your website in the ranking in the below graph by SEMRUSH. It also affect on website SEO.

#5. Be aware While Uploading and Downloading

Allowing files to upload can become a big security risk. The simple file upload can also damage your site. If you allow the user to upload a simple file or allow to change the avatar, then it also becomes risky. Because what happens is when a file uploaded, however innocent it may look, could contain a script that when executed on your server, completely opens up your website. So, be aware while you uploading or downloading any data on your website.

#6. Keep Regularly Monitoring Your Site

If you have all the security tools, then also you can not be sure about cyber attacks. You have to keep monitoring your site. Also, educate your coworkers about cyber attacks and how to make data secure. Keep monitoring on your data, servers, and computer systems on a particular time basis. Also, keep checking whether your security tools are working properly or not.

Final Words:

As internet users have grown, the number of internet crimes also increased. At the time of cyberattacks, businesses not only suffer from financial loss but they also face the issues of customer’s trust and loyalty. With good security practice, you can ensure your website’s security. If you want to take the security of your business to the next level, then reach out to us for more details. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions about this post in the comment section.