COVID-19 brings us a new normal, from businessman to student, everyone’s life is changed. But thanks to technology who help to connect virtually. In current times, there is a need for online education and management system.

Two-way communication is the most important thing in order to understand better. Whether it is between employee and boss or parent and teacher. Proper communication brings a huge difference in the results.

As we all know that parent’s involvement is direct effects on a child’s progress. Schools and parents both need communication tools. Currently, there are many school Management Software available which will help us to fulfill the gap.

Your Involvement Plays a Vital role in Child’s Development

Positive communication between parents and teachers leads to improve the academic performance of the student. Transparency between teacher and parent helps in the growth of the students.

Each detail of the child helps the parent to make better decisions about the child. Sometimes communication between parents and teachers helps to build an honest relationship between parent and teacher. Two-way communication brings engagement in family. You know the all details about the child, like assignments, exams, activities, functions, grades which will help you to behave the children accordingly.

In this article, we will share the details about reducing the gap between parents and teachers, but before that let’s have a look around the cause of the communication gap.

Causes for Communication Gap.

Communication Gap happens because of many reasons. Below are some main reasons for the communication gap between parents and school.

  • Wrong Communication Channels
  • Lack of time of parents
  • Transparency issues with school and parents
  • Lack of use of technologies
  • Insufficient communication

Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap.

There are obvious benefits of parent-school communication. Perfect School Management System containing various modules for parents, teachers, and management will help you to solve all kind of real-time problems that happens in the school management.

# Understand the Expectations of Parents

The first step of bridging the gap is to understand the expectations of parents. What kind of information they want to know, How often they want to get updated, In what way they want information, all this kind of questions should be answered before going ahead to fulfill the gap.

Some fo the common topics that parents want to here are information about student’s academic performance and achievements, updates of school activities and events, a notice of violent incidence, etc. After knowing the expectations of the parents, you can plan the strategies accordingly.

# Using the Ideal School Management System

A perfect school management software will solve all your problems and make your school management smooth running. There are various modules available with real-time functionality for teachers, parents, and the admin team. Through the school management system, the teacher or management team can pass all the required information to parents.

Every school wants to maintain honest relationships with the parents. Their transparency and co-operation bring trust in parents. Regular updates bring one kind of engagement between school and parent.

# Encourage Parents to use Technology

Just having a communication strategy is not enough, you have to encourage the parents to use the technology. Your solid strategy will not work unless parents will not use the technology. One way communication channel is limited, you have to encourage them to take a decision for two way communication.

Involve them in important decision making, ask them to share the feedback, invite them to join the discussion of major topics. This kind of activity brings the engagement of parents with the school and teachers.

# Stay Organized in Communication Schedule

When you make the strategy to reduce the communication gap, make sure you make all the schedules in a clear organized way. Proper tools will help you to organize everything seamlessly. You can use different ways like timely newsletters, school blogs, emails to pass the information to parents.

You can organize the information by assigning different tasks to different teachers with different access permissions. It will help you to manage everything smartly. Properly managed communication channels save the time of parent and teacher both.

Key Takeaways:

Bridging the gap between parent and teacher is not easy but it will bring the worth results. With the use of the right School Management Software, bridging the gap becomes simple. Going paperless by using online school management software bring many benefits like communication gap removal, management of school become easy, online classes, and many more. Let us know your thoughts about this article in the comment section. If you stuck in bridging the communication gap between parent and school then let us know, we will be happy to help you.