Whether your business is a brand or a new website, you need traffic on your website to get new customers. Every eCommerce entrepreneur’s goal is to gain more traffic. Because more traffic leads to more conversations and more profit.

Your website is already well designed and easy to navigate but getting traffic is the first point. There are many ways to generate traffic like ads on search engines, ads on social media, guest posting, SEO, etc. Basically, we can divide the traffic in below 2 types.

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free Traffic

Below is the checklist to generate traffic on your website. So, you can choose paid or free ways to generate traffic as per your need. Explore it and apply it to grow traffic on your website.

Paid Traffic

#Search Engines Ads

In this type of advertising, your ads will appear on search engine results pages. In this kind of ad, you have to pay to search engines when someone clicks on your ad, so it’s called Pay per Click (PPC).

Search engines will show the ads to only those audiences to whom you allow. For example search engines like google strategically target the right audience, so you will get quality traffic.

#Social Media Ads

Paid ads on social media give you insights like who sees your ads, the interest of your audience, the behavior of your audience, etc. Smart algorithms of social media channels help to create brand awareness and give you quality leads.

For example, Facebook pixels are guaranteed to brand awareness. There are many channels like Instagram story ads, promoted pins on Pinterest, Snapchat ads LinkedIn ads, and many more. So the primary thing is you have to select the social media channel based on your target audience.

#Display Ads

In this kind of ad, the banner of your ad will display on different websites related to your industry. By using creative banner ads on rich media, you can deliver the message of your brand to site visitors.

Display ads are often made up of creative texts, images, or videos that encourage users to click on them.  For example, if you run a display ad on google related to fitness website then Google will show your banner ad on websites related to fitness.

#Paid Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is another way of getting quality traffic or leads. Well planned email marketing campaigns with clear call-to-action like signup or buy now or anything will bring traffic.

There are many email marketing tools available which allow sending email to a limited audience. To reach a large amount of audience you need a paid email marketing tool. In paid services, there are many other features provided by the tool like design email, customize the campaign, and insights about the audience.

Free Traffic

#Social Media

Use appropriate social media channels according to your target audience and your product or service. Because once you know who your target audience is and what they are looking for, you will hit on social media.

Facebook is the largest and best channel to generate quality leads and connect with users. Same as Instagram is mostly used for the fashion and entertainment industry. Twitter is used by audiences who like to read short content.

By creating various and engaging content you can attract an audience organically. You can use chat tools like WhatsApp or Messenger to be proactive and talk to your potential customer.

#Good Interesting Content

If you want people to come on your site, then you have to provide good quality and varied content. There are some readers who like short and snappy blogs and there are other people who like long detailed blogs.

The objective is to provide varied content to engage with the audience. You can provide creative infographics or such videos which will help you to retain your visitors. Posting your blogs to different websites with a link back to your website makes your audience aware of your website.

#Guest Posting

To get traffic on your website, you have to make your website famous on the internet. In the guest posting, you have to post articles on other websites with a link to your website. Make sure you post articles on websites that have a good amount of traffic.

By submitting articles on various websites with your niche you make your site famous on an audience of other websites. You have to post the content which attracts the users and then they come to your site. You can write guides, advantages, case studies, usages regarding your product or services. Your content does not look like promotional content, it should be informative and helpful to your audience. One more benefit of guest posting is, it improves your website’s SEO.


Search engine optimization (SEO) means all the efforts to make your website famous on search engines and rank up on your search engine results. In SEO, you have to optimize all factors for on-page SEO. Make sure you have used perfect SEO friendly URLs, titles containing keywords, proper meta, structured data, open graphs.

Also, make sure that your all URLs are submitted through sitemap on search engines and crawled. Then after you have to generate backlinks from other sites of your niche for off-page SEO. Better SEO leads to a good amount of organic traffic on your website.

#Analytical Tools

Data analytics tools help you to analyze the behavior of your audience on your site. You have to implement google analytics tools on your website to analyze the data. In that tool, you get many reports like which pages are famous, location, avg time on page, bounce rate, and many more.

You can implement detailed tracking of your page through Google Tag Manager. And according to that analysis, you can make changes on pages to make it more user friendly and drive more traffic.

The Conclusion:

In the current situation, the online presence of your business is very important. And after making a website you have to bring people on your website. So, the above mentioned free or paid ways to get traffic will definitely help you to reach out to your business goals. We hope that you will get benefits from the above-listed points. Contact us if you are looking for any other guidance for getting traffic. We love to know your thought about this guide in the comment section.